Up hill and down dale

ALWAYS a time for reflection, New Year, and my recent post about the 50,000 miles I clocked up over 18 months in the Citroen DS4 got me to thinking. In an idle hour (not much productive work to do this week) I tried replotting some of my 2014 road miles on a Google map. After a bit of jiggery-pokery, this is what I came up with:

Russ's roads 2014

Russ’s roads 2014

This isn’t perfect, and certainly isn’t complete, but gives a decent impression of the ground I covered this year. Pretty much the four corners of these islands.

A number of internal destinations were left off, to make the whole¬†thing a bit more legible, and the limitations of the route planning facility on Google maps meant this is actually a montage of five separate maps. It seems you can only plot about 25 destinations at a time, which isn’t unreasonable.

I’ve only plotted two of my five trips to the west country in 2014, hardly any of my midlands trips, and none of my private travels especially around the south coast and north east. Still, I quite like the result and will just leave it here for now. Here’s to new adventures in 2015.

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